The best products by Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY

With a total net worth of $600 million, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty had entered the cosmetics market with a storm. With a notion of creating the products for everyone, for women of all shades, attitudes, personalities, culture, and race, this brand surely has amassed a huge gratification from all the women worldwide. As said by Rihanna herself that she wants everyone to feel included, which became the reason for the ultimate success.

Majority of the brands be it the drug store cosmetics or the luxury ones, were unable to satisfy my skin tone and being a woman of POC, it surely is a struggle to go for the right product and not mess it up later. The beauty advisors will surely sell you that foundation by applying them on you and once you look in the mirror, you feel like you have got the product “just made for you”. But what happens once you reach home. Bad investment. Just because you don’t actually know how to apply it just like the advisor did and then you repent your whole life replaying the moment when you bought it.

So, what makes Fenty Beauty different from the other brands and what are those signatory products that are surely not to be missed the next time you’re on a hunt for the right makeup brand.


With over 50 shades available for any skin tone, this is one of the best foundations I have found. It helps in oxidizing your face to your perfect color and also doesn’t feel oily or greasy. But listen up people, sometimes it can happen that you might not have met your right match even after the advisers insisting a particular one for you. What you got to do is to shake the foundation really well and then use it less as compared to the other foundations you might have used. For more clarity check out the YouTube video on Rihanna’s page so that you come out looking airbrushed just like you have been to a professional.


If you want to get that highlight right, you have arrived at the right product. Available in over 10 different shades, this highlighter satisfies the need of mix and match, magnetize and multiply. Formulated without Paraben and Sulphate, the product has a lot of good reviews of perfectly blending in that too without looking tacky. Although being on the creamy side, the highlighter gives you a powdery finish making a soft shimmery glow making it a highlighter without all the glitter.

3.    PORTABLE TOUCH UP BRUSH 130- $24.00

This one is not like your other brushes. This custom-made portable touch up brush has a retractable design and magnetic panel. This unique quality makes it snap right to the bottom of the powder and an ultimate pair up with the blotting powder. But all is not glittery with the product. The product is very soft and small which might make it difficult for women in a hurry to mess up and apply the blotting powder in a sturdy manner. Also, there have been reviews with the magnet not being strong enough which make it fall off and lost in the sea of endless things kept in your purse. So, you might have to be cautious about how you’re going to sustain with this one.


Available in 7 different shades including a smooth black and sultry purple is a weightless, long- wearing liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish. It can give you one of the smoothest finishes with just one application and it is actually the softness of the product that makes you swoon. Mind it because of this softness, the product sometimes does come off while eating but this has to be one of the most comfortable and long-lasting products for the lips.

All in all Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has definitely been able to make a mark in the beauty and cosmetics industry and make products which are quite unique and available for everyone, be it any personality, shade or attitude. you can find your own Fenty Beauty in the nearest Sephora stores or even online.