Iconic Styles to get inspired from Stranger Things

The most awaited season 3 of Stranger things is here and so is the need to get inspired by the most iconic styles adorned by the characters. As the show is set in the era of the ’80s, there are a lot of fashion stamps that we can either get inspired from or call them ‘that 80’s blunder’.

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One of the main characters of season 3, the famous bad boy of the series is spotted adorning the double denim trend. With that cool look of driving a 79’ Chevrolet Camaro and a lighter in the hand, Billy makes that confident look pop-out. The double denim can either be paired with a simple white or black t-shirt but what makes Billy look different is the double collar look that goes with the complete attire. This 80’s style is definitely a go and trendy outfits, even in 2019 for a more confident and suave personality.


Not only the romper but a high patterned shirt paired up with loose jeans and braces make the 80’s look complete. Eleven’s major upgrade was not only a strong relationship with mike but also the fashion stamps which went from overall’s to snazzy Rompers.

Eleven’s romper while her first trip to shopping was one attire that definitely caught my eye. A nice black base collared romper with multiple colored designs is what makes it unique and standout in the teenage crowd. Pair it up with lovely white sneakers or black boots and voila you have the perfect outfit to go out on a perfect sunny day on your own little shopping trip.



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From turning the worst to one of the best characters in this series, our famous mommy or babysitter Steve, who kind of tries to win a fight gave us some major hair goals. With a simple grey jacket on jeans, Steve gave us points to take down on how can we floof up or hair like those 80’s style and still rock it in 2019 and be an eye candy for all the women trying to buy that scoop of ice-cream.


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Not only the photos that Jonathan was trying to capture and develop was on point, but also his typical American style had that certain note to it. Sporting the same double denim look but with a blue t-shirt and check, shirt completed the attire. If you want to take points on how to dress in an American way that too with suave, Jonathan is definitely the guy to look out for. P.S if he’s not busy saving his brother or being romantic to Nancy.


Picture: Fashion inspired by Fiction

Talking about a love interest and teenage romance, Nancy Wheeler was definitely the girl to look out for. From season 1 to season 3, Nancy had given us some major fashion inspirations and here is one of them. Be it a white sweater with a denim skirt and flat sandals or a baby blue jumper with jeans and complete the look with a brown leather jacket and snow boots. Nancy with her subtle winter style gives us major fashion inspiration to pair up different accessories and style yourself up like a queen.

As a major fan of the Stanger things series, all the seasons not only gave us chills with every episode but also gave us some major fashion goals. From Eleven’s upgraded style to Billy and Jonathan sporting the double denim look, the ’80s were definitely an era to look out for some fashion goals. If you’re a fan as well, H&M has actually collaborated with the series on some fan merchandise. Look out for the ones which suit you the best and grab your favorites from your nearby store or online. Till then keep on streaming Stranger Things and look out for next season and fashion inspirations.