BELLA FREUD- a Cult of British Fashion

Whenever we talk about vintage fashion, it is not just a reference to the look back in the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s and probably the aspect of bringing them back, but it is the story behind every piece of article and clothing which inspired the designer to bring it to the people in the society.

Whether it’s different types of jeans, the baggy ones or the straight fit or the ripped ones with irreverence to little stickers. Every piece of article will have some sort of innovation and controversial journey behind it. This is also what Bella Freud is all about. One of the most iconic British designers, her designs are as mentioned on her website are hardwired into her DNA.

As a seller she has thousands of stories and thousands of those chucked articles from which she felt, she wasn’t inspiring enough, but gradually it was the jumpers that caught millions of eyes. Be it Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Jane Fonda or Eddie Redmayne, bringing her subconscious into a fashion context and finally making them emerge into a cult following is what all Bella Freud has been all about.

As now, a consumer and also an ardent fan of vintage clothing, I will be going through her story and possibly be in the process of figuring out what was the main touch that made Bella Freud such an iconic British fashion brand.



Being born in London in a family of artists and entrepreneurs, Bella knew that she had it in her blood to come up with something unique, that combines the artistry of her family and also the tactics of having her own business.

Before starting with her venture, Freud used to work for Vivienne Westwood. Responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream, Bella got a lot of ideas of combining vintage classics with modern fashion from her. Westwood is famous for synthesizing music with clothing that ultimately shaped the 1970’s punk music scene, dominated by the famous band Sex Pistols.


After working for Westwood, Freud was successfully able to come up with her own design company. Not only this, but Freud has also been responsible for the relaunch and revamps of the fashion house, Biba. She also had the opportunity to be the guest designer for Stirling cooper and also consult the British fashion company Jaeger during the 90’s tenure.

One of her best- selling designs is the 1970 classic jumper. As her other designs, this best- selling design also has a story behind it. Let’s have a look.



One of her bestselling and eye-catching pieces, this 1970 jumper comes in mohair, a roll neck, cashmere, sparkle, and many other forms. The first thought that came into my mind while looking out for these jumpers were either something that the Bee-gees would wear or a comfy jumper that you can count on during a chilly winter morning. Paired up with black skirt or trousers, with boots and long winter coat would give you the complete the chic winter look. You can even count on these jumpers while wearing those flared bottom pants on a bright Fall day.

One of the best things that a businessman or a woman have in power is the art of storytelling. With that story comes the art of selling. Selling your own Business.When you visit an art gallery or the famous museums in the world, every piece of art signifies a different story and it is up to the reader or the buyer to interpret the story according to their own interpretation. The simple art of waves roaring across the sea beach can be a beautiful piece of art for one spectator. It might just mean some sort of art to be hung around on the bedroom wall. But to the other, it can also mean the roaring times in life which can wash away the beautiful ones and just set a dulling mood in someone’s life.

Similarly, like and artist,Bella Freud here represents an entire cult of knitwear. You can be a punk music lover, a vintage clothing lover, an iconic Britisher who loves the vibrant British culture.  Following Bella’s clothes is like being a part of the British cult. For me, it is the vintage vibe that Bella’s clothes resonate which make me a part of this cult and a proud follower.

You can share your opinions on what makes you attractive to a cult or a certain brand of fashion… Happy reading!!