5 ways to style your Leather Jacket

Did you just buy a $100 leather Jacket and are looking for possible ways to style it? Well here are 5 different ways you can adorn your Leather jacket in the best possible way and look like a queen to make the streets a Ramp walk.

1.      Over a simple white shirt or T-shirt

When the focus has to be on that expensive leather jacket, having the inside sober and simple is the best way. A white shirt or t-shirt helps in the reflecting that cult design of the leather jacket and pop it out.

2.      A band T-shirt

Be it a t-shirt of Queen, AC/DC, KISS,1975, Guns n Roses or your favorite artists such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth or any other, having a band t-shirt or crop top goes perfectly with the leather jacket. Going for that bad look, a band t-shirt or if you’re going for that street look, pop your band shirt with Leather jacket and you’re ready for a day outing.

3.      A dress

A blue or a white dress with polka dots or satin material also complements the leather jacket. Having boots underneath completes the fall look and you’re ready for your college classes or the picture on Instagram with a delectable cup of coffee.

4.      Pair it with a Hoodie

It’s not just the ripped denim jacket that goes with the hoodie, but your leather one can also get its true complementary partner with that suave hoodie. Pair it up with tights or slacks with boots for a complete look

5.      A jumper and skirt

Going for that cute look? Take that baggy jumper and skirt out of your closet and pair it up with the Leather Jacket with boots. A sailor’s hat can also go along to complete your look and you’re ready for that date.

A lot more complimentary styles can go along with a leather jacket and complete your everyday fall look. I would love to see your suggestions in the comments down below.