How Lara jean inspire my daily fashion wardrobe

Admit it, somewhere we all loved the cliché movie ‘To all the boys I have loved before’ since the Netflix hit showed a different way of romance bubbling in the 21st century. A budding way to show modern romance that is very prevalent among the school kids and what better way to release it on the biggest streaming platform other than Netflix.

Since the announcement of its second installment being released in the coming February has made its mark, I went back to my account and downloaded the movie all over again just to relive the jitters the first one gave me.

Along with the jitters, I was able to now also look at the different fashion style that Lara Jean, the protagonist was able to carry throughout the film and made me wonder that ‘does my wardrobe even sound similar to it?’ And the answer was of course “No”.

So, here’s how, the movie caused me a whole shopping trip and Lara Jean’s effortless styles were able to give some inspiration to my wardrobe.

Here’s a list of my essentials.



Back to school season is here and so is the opportunity to stock up your supplies and refresh your wardrobe. What better way to complete the look than wearing the beige-colored shorts with a check multi-colored shirt pairing up the whole outfit with boots.

Suave, pretty and ready to slay your first day.


In this hot weather, although the summer is about to get over, a velvet skirt is necessary. Pair it up with a long high neck shirt or just a band t-shirt, but it makes you that café trip ready.


Well, the Fall season is also on its way and not only a Leather jacket but a bomber jacket is equally necessary for your daily wardrobe look.

Multiple bomber jackets have been able to make a mark in the market but my favorite has been the suave design ones which have their own story.

A sober look with a colorful bomber just completes the looks and makes my day.



Apart from the beautiful scenery in the movie, what caught my eye in that particular scene was Lara Jean’s outfit.

The bow shirt with that black skirt and check jacket made her look cute. Pair them with boots and one more outfit is added to your inspired wardrobe.

So, whether you’re set for a long bus ride or just a trip to the mall with your girls, this cute looks deserves a 10 from me.


Well, protection is necessary and not just from cold harsh weather but in another way. Although that scene made Lara uncomfortable and wide-eyed, at least her outfit in this scene saved her. Pack the coziest looking jacket and use protection people.

Apart from these must-haves in your wardrobe, there were also a series of cute outfits that not only the main protagonist but her sisters were also sported wearing.

Lara jean inspired my wardrobe for some seasons and here I am desperately waiting for her to come again in the second installment of the movie releasing on 12th February 2020 on Netflix.