How k-pop-inspired my daily fashion choice

Since the boom of k-pop from the past 2 to 3 years all over the world, admit it we all have our favorites by now. Be it Jungkook from the current biggest boyband in the world BTS to Jennie from BLACKPINK, we all might not just have one favourite but multiples.

Well, I stand guilty. Also, it is not just one k-pop band but there are several others with their inspirational and much-coveted music that is making big on the musical charts.

But whether I consider my favorites or their co band members or even members from the same music industry, what other aspect of them that took me away and made me a great fan is there unique fashion style.

Of course, running a fashion blog, I will always have a side-eye for who wears what every time and how are these people influencing the fashion industry, but K-pop has managed to overwhelm the fashion industry in a unique way and to get an inspiration from them either for regular streetwear or for any other occasion is a must. Let’s check out below:

1.      The Loose Style


Coming to my favorite k-pop band of all times BTS. Taking into an all-time perspective, a boyband is considered to be coordinating and that just does not limited to dance moves, it goes to their attires as well.

Be it high profile award shows or after parties, looking slick and proper from the beginning to the end is a must for them, which sometimes leaves less room for them to enjoy with freedom. Considering BTS in this picture and all the other videos that I have watched, multiple numbers of times at two o’clock in the night, they are also justified by their freestyle.

Be it afterparties, award shows, videos or interviews, Korean culture has always been a definition of colors and that is what resonates in their fashion style as well.

From different arts to graffiti design to neon colors, everything has been experimented by them and not so surprisingly everything has also been pulled off well. Oh Well, they are not the biggest boy band just like that.

2.      The airport look


One of the best looks that any artist pulls off for me is the airport one. Comfy but stylish. And that is my mantra. It’s hard to expect anyone let alone celebrities to sport jeans for a long hour flight and when there are multiple, then that piece of cloth becomes a big NO.

So, we come with a different look, known as the airport one, where we are completely comfortable in our hoodies and pajamas but have adorned them in such a manner that they become super inspirational.

Just like our boys here, adorned in pink, yellow and even bright green. Again, you can pull off anything when you’re BTS.

3.      The Checklist

Source: Pinterest

Apart from the art on the dress and the bottom garment, what caught my eye was the check print. To be on a safer side if I say that it a design inspired by chessboard, this design has made a mark in the fashion industry.

Tommy Hilfiger’s complete season collection was based on the same inspiration and now is being carried forward by these legendary girls. The best part, it can be carried well on both the top and the bottom article.

4.      The Long Coat


Last but not least a long coat. Well, it is not just limited to k-pop idols, but a long coat is a wardrobe must.

Pair it up with a leather skirt and long boots or just hoodie and pajamas, a long coat goes with anything and everything, a plus point it saves you from a harsh winter too.

These are only some of my inspirations from my favorite k-pop idols and this list is pretty long. Click on the star button, and comment below to get more ideas.