5 Influencers on Instagram whom you should be definitely following

Since influencers are now making big in the Social media market and helping us daily transform our lives in one way or another, there are many influencers who you might be following right now. Be it the ones who give you strength daily to get up and do something every day in your life or the ones who might inspire your wardrobe along with with your make up choices. Going by my style I have made a list of the top 5 influencers whom I follow and inspire my outfit of the day. check them out, cause they might be the next to hit your following list. 

1. Aimee Song

Source: Instagram

One of my favorite fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram is Aimee Song. With achievements such as being a New York Times best-selling author and listed under Forbes 30 under 30 list, this queen already has a major collection out in the market by the name of Song of Style. What is so unique about her is the style for every season and every occasion. Her inspiration and childhood belonging from South Asian Culture, the collection resonates a completely different pattern style and has everything from dresses to formal wear to slay your everyday outfits. Follow her on the link below:


2. Cherelee Lyle

Source: Instagram

With about 268K followers, what attracted me to her profile, in the beginning, was her unique way of combining different articles. So, even it a bland skirt or a simple band t-shirt lying somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe, Cheralee with her different style can give you inspirations to bring them to use and slay the outfit. You can also get tips for styling your hair into luscious curls or straighten them on her this NYC girl’s channel. Follow her here:


3. byTimo

Source: Intagram

So, byTimo is exactly not an influencer or a blogger, but the main essence of the profile lies in the message that they want to share and spread. byTimo which is based out of Oslo, Norway, focuses on creating long-lasting vintage-inspired fashion. Not only this but the vintage fashion is highly sustainable as it is made out of long-lasting fabrics and the designs are inspired by handmade prints. From a short to a long dress or from simple bodycon to a multi flowing one, there are so many different and unique patterns and styles that you’re bound to fall in love with all of them plus point, all of them will give you that vintage feel.

Follow them here: https://instagram.com/bytimo?igshid=mipaehzp6aec

4. Hunt For styles


As her profile name suggests, with over 666K followers (that’s quite a devil’s number) and 3k posts, she stays true to her name. Whether it’s surfing along the sands of the beach or going to a party in a pub, you want inspiration then go hunt for styles to pair things up and get the perfect outfit of the day. Her plus point is how she plays with different colors and not just the darker ones. This helps in imagining and executing various stories and prints that could be formed within your wardrobe. For more inspiration follow her here:


5. Ashleighdmello

Source: Instagram

With over 113K followers and a bride to be, this Australian girl living in Boston has her specialty set in dark colors. If you ever need any inspiration for formal wear but also want to slay your outfit, or probably just love dark colors so much so that they are probably the only ones found in your wardrobe, you have arrived at the right destination. Oh, and yes, do not forget the shoe collection. Ranging from boots to stilettos to pumps, what goes with what, my wardrobe has flourished because of her profile and yours can too. Follow her here:


 I hope I might have given you a couple of the influencers to hit that follow button. I would love to know who you follow and how you get inspired by them every day in your life. Drop your favorites in the comments below.